YesterCanada - Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure

Elma Schemenauer


YesterCanada, Historical Tales of Mystery and Adventure, a novel by Elma Schemenauer


Synopsis:  YesterCanada presents thirty historical tales spanning this great land and the centuries from the 1200's to the 1900's. Here are a few of the mysteries you’ll find in its pages. Where in the icy Arctic is the lost Vancouver-based ship Baychimo? Who rang the chapel bell in Tadoussac, Quebec one foggy April night in 1782? Why did Minnesota farmer abandon his farm, walk to Saskatchewan, and build an ocean-going ship far from any ocean? In YesterCanada you’ll also meet adventures like Ontario’s daring Lady Agnes, Nova Scotia’s migrating Normanites, gold-seekers of Alberta, and the Manitoba Cree chief who gave his life for the woman he loved.