Stained Glass Feather Suncatcher

Glass Art by the Lake


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Spirit feather suncatcher. This colorful feather contains sparkling navy and blue textured stained glass. It is 10" x 3" wide including the beaded hanger. Top quality stained glass that has been copper foiled and soldered using the Tiffany method. The solder is finished with a shiny silver patina that has been carefully waxed and polished for protection and shine. 

Would look amazing hanging in your window with the sunshine sparkling through it. It is also a nice way to deter birds from hitting your window. For the bird lover in your life! Would make an wonderful gift for someone special.

A feather is a reminder you are loved by infinite people (both here on earth and otherwise). Symbol meaning of feathers deals with ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, and to express their celestial wisdom.