Oh Baby Blue Jeans! Swarovski Crystal & Gemstone Necklace Earring Bracelet Set

Colorful Additions Jewelry


This special jewelry set was inspired by good old blue jeans!  The set features beautiful blue Swarovski crystals; the gemstones are a powerful combination of Blue Lace Agate (assists with clarity and communication), Aquamarine (support for changes) and Blue Adventurine (healing & open heart).  The necklace also features two small medallions: a key & the word 'hope'.  The bracelet features a small lotus flower pendant (rebirth). 

All metal is stainless steel (will not tarnish nor fade).  The necklace is 18 inches long; the bracelet is 7 inches.

This striking set definitely pairs well with denim and/or white - perfect for spring and summer!