Tips on Shipping Costs by a Whimsy Store Artisan

One of our Artisans reminded us that one way to decrease your shipping costs is to think of it as per item. Here is her story.

I was purchasing products online that were heavy  bags .50 lb bags. I added 1 - 50 lb bag to my cart and shipping came in around $35! Ouch!!

I decided to add another bag to my cart and noticed the incremental increase was almost half. After adding over 3 - 50 lb bags and 2- 5 lb bags along with 60 lighter weight items my total shipping was only $65! That came in at less than $1 per item – I thought, “What a Sweet Deal for the convenience!”

I Decided to do a Test with The Whimsy Store Online!

I added a variety of items (10 to be exact) before shipping increased. I then added one of the Ready to Make Soups in a mason jar knowing it was a bit heavier! It increased shipping by only .30 from the flat rate charged by Canada Post of $9.28!

I talked with Kari at The Whimsy Store who explained they do their best to keep your shipping costs down to a minimum. Like you, I wish shipping was free but with the convenience of buying online comes the shipping part. Kari explained she reviewed the many ways to deal with shipping and wanted it to be fair and only charge what they were getting charged.



At the end, Weight Based Shipping is my preferred method of being charge when shopping online!

  The moral of the story – the more II purchase online the less it costs and multiples of something is always a great savings as I found out on my online shopping experience!the most fair for us online shoppers!

The good news is they do have discounted rates with Canada Post and the savings are passed back to you!