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417 33rd Street West
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

About Us

 In the summer of 2015, we opened our first store in Elbow, Saskatchewan located in the beautiful resort area of Lake Diefenbaker. Our concept was to offer handmade and artisan crafted goods

made only in Saskatchewan. Customers were delighted and we were impressed with the incredible quality and diversity the artisans of Saskatchewan had to offer. Customers were glad to have access to these products. It didn’t take us long to see the potential of our little boutique.

In the fall of 2015, the shop closed for the season but we knew we were ready to grow. We needed a permanent, larger location that would be able to showcase a wide range of products from an increased number of artisans. Thus our new location at 417 33rd Street West in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan was selected. With over 17,000 vehicles daily, excellent pedestrian traffic and part of Saskatoon’s Neighborhood Revitalization program, this was the ideal location.

Open November 18, 2015, we are featuring over 1200 square feet of products, with upwards of 80 artisans offering one-of-a kind up-cycled & re-designed décor & furnishings along with an array of hand-crafted items such as quality designer pillows, natural household & beauty products, jewelry, clothing, indoor & outdoor décor and accessories, pottery and so much more.

We now offer remote customers the opportunity to purchase products with our online store.