Large Furniture Purchase - Policy & FAQs

Large Furniture
Viewing, Buying & Delivery Policy


Most large furniture pieces are purchased online without in-person viewing. However, on some occasions, in-person viewing may be available. Note that this does not mean the item will be placed on hold and can be sold prior to the appointment. To prevent any disappointment or confusion there are not hold policies. Arranging for viewing DOES NOT mean the item will be placed on hold and can be sold prior to an appointment. If this occurs, you will be immediately notified the item has been sold allowing you the option to cancel your appointment with the Artisan.


To allow you with the largest inventory selection, The Whimsy Store does not stock and display most large furniture items at our 417 33rd Street West, Saskatoon Sask location. As we promote and sell furniture items online only.

If the Artisan does provide the option of in-person viewing, we will put you in direct contact with the Artisan to setup the time and location.  

Tips Before Viewing & Purchasing Items - It is our goal to ensure you love your purchase! To ensure that this is the right piece for you and your home, review the measurements you require and compare them with the item's description online.

Inquiries on a specific piece can be sent to Please provide the item, your name and phone number.


ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD 'AS IS' and full payment is required PRIOR to pickup or delivery. There are no refunds.

ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Credit Card, PayPal, E-transfer, and Cash. Remember - until full payment is received, the item will remain for sale online and not available for pickup.

If you purchase the item during a viewing, the Artisan will provide you with the ability to pay for the item at that time.


PICKUP - There are no additional charges for pickups. The Whimsy Store and the Artisan will coordinate the location and time for pickup. Due to space restrictions at The Whimsy Store, you are unable to 'store' the piece and it must be picked up at the agreed upon time and location.


You are responsible for protecting your furniture item for your pickup. Come prepared with blankets and other packaging materials you deem necessary for safe transport whether rain, snow or shine!  


If you require custom delivery options, discuss your needs with the Artisan. The Whimsy Store has contracted with specific Delivery Companies that you can contact and for special rate. Expected charges from these companies include an hourly rate plus gas costs.


Since your item has been painted or stained with a liquid coating which sits on top of the wood, no matter how durable, the item can still be fragile. Our Artisans use the most durable products possible, but remember refinished items are not bulletproof and damage can happen if you are not careful. Your piece will last as long as you are gentle with it. 


***The Whimsy Store works with the Artisans that provide your pieces. Any further questions or concerns need to be addressed directly with the Artisan.***