Become an Artisan

Become an Artisan

The Whimsy Store is always looking for talented Saskatchewan artisans with homemade, unique, well-crafted items.

Successful retail stores follow a proven formula: Offer a huge variety of products, make it easily accessible through retail locations and online, provide excellent customer service and drive sales by creating constant awareness through advertising.

As individual artisans, it’s impossible to follow this formula due to lack of time, money, space and/or expertise.

So, how do we mimic the big guys? This is where The Whimsy Store is here for you. With over 80 Saskatchewan artisans already on our team, we provide:

 Easy access to a variety of products lines growing daily

 1300 sq. feet of prime retail space with over 17,000 vehicles daily

 Full service website shipping across Canada & US

 Continuous marketing campaign including radio, billboards, online & social media

 Dedicated artisan liaison and sales team

 Top of the line software and reporting

 Safe atmosphere for artisan and customers

Joining The Whimsy Store’s team of talented Saskatchewan artisans couldn’t be easier. Just give us a call or e-mail, let us check out your products and away we go. You can reach us here:


Store: 306-382-1733