Think Outside The Box Jerky

Bobbie Milnes is the Owner/Creator behind Think Outside The Box Jerky, a home-based business in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan - Canada.   We are Unique Company Name that Delivers Unique Flavours, using only top grade beef.

I've been asked, why jerky?  I've always loved the taste of jerky and how they came up with the different flavours – some were good but some were, well….not so good.  So, I wanted to be a company that creates tasteful jerky, different jerky, jerky that makes you want more.  

I can't take all the credit for some of new jerky flavours.  My brilliant 8 year daughter came up with a few new flavours, including our Top Seller... Dill Pickle & Jalapeno.  Sometimes it pays to listen to your kids!

The support & guidance of my family & friends have been invaluable and I am ecstatic to be able to share my unique jerkies with everyone. 

Thank you for giving us a try!

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